Medical information available to all.

eMedic was established with the purpose of democratizing access to medical information by developing intuitive and accurate software for both healthcare professionals and the general public.

The feedback from you has been beyond expectations. Several students have expressed that the eMedic Chatbot is a valuable tool in their learning process. Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, have experienced that the Chatbot's ability to assist in finding information quickly is a good support in their clinical practice, freeing up more time for direct patient contact. The general public, who often seek understanding and information about health concerns, have found both comfort and clarity in the easily digestible answers offered by the Chatbot.

To support our vision of accessibility, we continuously work on improving the Chatbot's ability to understand and process medical inquiries. Our research and development are driven by close collaboration with medical professionals to ensure that the advice given reflects what would be provided in a real clinical situation.

Our roadmap is full of exciting plans.

We continuously work to improve our products and services. Stay updated for our latest updates.

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At eMedic, we aim to deliver practical solutions that complement the existing healthcare system. We recognize the challenges in the industry and are committed to helping reduce the workload for healthcare professionals. By simplifying documentation processes and making information retrieval more efficient, we strive to give healthcare workers more time to do what they do best, take care of patients. We know that our future in the medical software market depends on our ability to provide value and earn the trust of our users. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvements and being helpful by meeting real needs, and we strive to operate as a sustainable company.

We invite you to explore eMedic, where health information meets innovation, and look forward to being part of shaping the future of health technology. With eMedic, together we achieve a more enlightened approach to health and well-being in Norway.